Why Organize A Conference?

When Kelley Sanabria, president and CEO of Femworking and Nicole Dash, owner of the website Tiny Steps Mommy, sat down one day after a Femworking meeting to discuss their separate, yet mutually beneficial ideas for hosting a regional conference it instantly seemed like a perfect partnership. They both have a passion for connecting and supporting bloggers and entrepreneurs. They also saw a need and an opportunity. It is their belief that the Washington DC area bloggers and entrepreneurs deserve an educational and networking opportunity of this kind.  To them it makes sense and is a long time coming. Here is a video that explains why they decided to join forces to organize the first-ever Femworking Blogger & Small Business Conference.

Don’t forget to register for the conference before September 5, 2013 to take advantage of the Super Early Bird special. It is a $50 savings off regularly priced tickets.

One Comment on “Why Organize A Conference?
  1. Using the ever growing Social Media world is one of the smartest things a business can do to become successful. Creating and organizing a conference for entrepreneur’s to become part of a collaborative framework and to learn more about Social Media is exceptional!!

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