What to Write My Research Paper About?

Creating your college research paper is already a daunting task. But it’s even harder to come up with a topic to write about.

You have to be unique from everyone in your class. It should be easy to defend and research. And if you want to get good grades, it should be interesting enough for your professor. And all the while, you have to ensure it fits your lecturer’s prompt.

What Should I Write About?

The first thing to writing a research paper is to think of the topic. Since you have no idea what to write, you also don’t know how to start.

Should you start with a thesis statement? Or should you research about the topic first? Will it be a general search until you find something specific?

All these thoughts will run on your head. The more questions and doubts you have, the harder it is to come up with a topic. Plus, you’re basically racing against time since you have to know your topic sooner. You won’t be able to start researching or writing without one.

That said, what should you write about?

Write Something That Genuinely Interests You

Perhaps the best tip is to write about a topic that genuinely interests you. This way, researching won’t become such a task. It becomes a fun way of quenching your thirst to learn more. You’re looking forward to researching it.

It can be compared to when you found a new movie and wanted to learn more about it. The whole research thing starts to become fun as you begin to gain new facts. Learning more about this certain topic gives you happiness or satisfaction at the least.

Another reason why you should choose this is it’s easier to write. When you’ve written a review about a movie you liked, it seemed easier to get the words to flow. But if you’re reviewing a book you don't necessarily like, it’s hard to find what to say.

The same goes for your research topic.

Find Something You Can Defend

A research paper should be something you can defend. But how can you do that?

First off, you should have plenty of reliable sources. Choose a topic that has many resources. This way, it’s easy to find the right book, journal, or website to get the exact information from.

But you have to ensure that your resources are all reliable. You might also want to check with your prompt. Most of the time, professors will limit your use of websites as resources. That means you have to scour the internet for journals and books.

Check the library as well. Published books are great resources.

Choose Something You Have an Idea About

Choosing a topic that you already know makes it easier. First, you know the right keywords to look for. Then you’ll have an idea of the best thesis statement that can make your paper stronger. Most of all, you can write more easily when you’re familiar with the topic.

This is a good choice if you don’t have that much time. You don’t have to spend a whole week just trying to know the subject at heart. Since you’re already knowledgeable, you can jump right into research.

Additionally, knowing the terms, theories, and studies involved in this topic can help greatly. You’ll have to spend less on more research.

Make Sure It Hits Your Professor’s Expectations

Make sure that it’s a topic your professor will want to see. That’s why it’s essential to study your prompt closely.

Your professor will want to see a topic that is worthy of a research paper. They’ll likely look at the academic level of the topic, how profitable your research is, and its purpose.

Of course, it’s not entirely about the topic. Your professor will also look at how you made the research paper. But a good topic that will gratify them can increase your chances of getting good grades.

Something Relatable

A good topic is something relatable—something that’s going on now. For that, you may want to stay local and see what’s happening around you. You might even have experienced it before.

If not, there are always people you can talk to. You have an abundance of data around you that you can use.

Tips on Finding a Topic

If you’re still having trouble with finding a topic, we have a few tips for you.

Seek Advice

First off, work with your classmates or friends. Get to know their topics. Doing so, you’ll have an idea on what others are writing. Besides avoiding getting the same topic as theirs, you’ll likely have an idea on what to write.

You can also ask some of your friends for any suggestions. There might be someone in your network that is knowledgeable in the subject. You can ask them questions related to it. The answers can inspire something in you.

Additionally, talk to your professors. Know what they want to read especially. Get their opinion on a few things and you might find a relevant topic.

Read More

Continue reading books, magazines, reports, journals, textbooks, and even websites. Gain as much information you can about the general subject. The more you know, the more you can begin asking specific questions.

Be Specific

Remember that the topic should be specific. Don’t go for general subjects like global warming or mental health issues. You should be more specific and choose a topic like the negative impact of climate change in your area. Or perhaps the biggest factor of college kids’ depression in your university.

Buying Papers Online

If it’s tough for you to come up with your topic, you can buy research papers online. They even have the best essays and many other writing services.

Find a reliable place to write my research paper for me. Don’t just go with any random place and hiring them before doing your research.


Choosing the right topic can greatly help you make a good research paper. It’s best if it’s something you’re interested in. You should also find something that has good resources. With these tips, at least you’ll know how to start your paper.

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