How to Write an Essay About Women in Business

The business industry has been experiencing broken ceilings left and right due to an influx of successful female entrepreneurs. Women are not just contributing to businesses. They are also building and leading them today.

That is why an essay on women in business is an ideal topic. However, you may not know where to start so we will show you how it is done.

Writing Your Essay on Women in Business

The next step is to begin writing your essay. After you study and collect your research material, you can start by creating an outline and then proceed to write your content.

1. Choose an industry.

In the research section below, you will find a few ways to find your subject for your essay about women in business. Before that, you should choose an industry that suits your essay theme. You can choose from general industries found in commerce websites like tech, finance, retail, etc.

2. Choose a niche and a subniche within that industry.

After choosing the main industry, you can break it down into niches and subniches. These are microsegments of the industry you chose such as mobile applications, banks, online shops, and more. Subniches include the main product and service a business provides.

3. Decide on an issue, an achievement, a breakthrough, or anything else that is new in the industry.

Since this is an essay, your topic must be focused on something relevant and important to the current generation of business owners and academics. You may choose a topic that is old, but you should add something new to it as well. Popular topics include anything that a business has done recently, especially by the person you are writing about.

4. Choose your subject.

Your subject does not have to be a business leader or owner; however, they should have a significant contribution to their company or business. While everyone is a huge part of a company, you are writing an essay that requires a profile on an individual. You can choose a female business person who has an innovative idea or someone who has greatly impacted their company in a public way.

5. Check their biography.

Once you have chosen your subject, you can read their biography and use some of the content as context for the body of your essay. The history of a person can define what they are currently doing, regardless if the past is related to their business or not. This is a great way to engage in storytelling when writing essays.

6. Study their personal achievements.

Personal achievements can include anything your subject has done since they were young up until today. A personal achievement does not have to be an award. It could be a business principle that helped make them successful or a milestone in business that they are proud of.

7. Write the relationship between your research and the subject of your essay.

Once you have all your materials and the internal knowledge to produce your essay from your heart, you can begin to mix the elements of your subject’s history and the theme of your essay. The way to do this is to relate their experiences in business and life into the event or theme you are writing.

Researching Women on Business

1. Business News Reports

Just look up women in business, click on the news tab, and you will find yourself with thousands of resources on journalists’ updates on women in business. You should look at articles that are years old as well as updated articles to see how your subject has progressed in the world of business.

2. Interviews

Surprisingly, it’s quite easy to conduct a simple email interview as long as your subject works on her own correspondence. Some bigger names in business, say Oprah, probably can’t be reached personally. For an in-depth essay, you may want to feature someone who can be featured in interviews on short notice.

3. LinkedIn New Businesses

The best place to look for women in business is LinkedIn. You can reach industry experts there or find new businesses that offer something new. Just take a look at the recently opened business that year and see if their leader is female.

If you need more help with sources, you can find someone to write my essay who has knowledge about the proper way to find references for an essay on women in business.

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