How to Write an Essay About Women in Business

The business industry has been experiencing broken ceilings left and right due to an influx of successful female entrepreneurs. Women are not just contributing to businesses. They are also building and leading them today.

That is why an essay on women in business is an ideal topic. However, you may not know where to start so we will show you how it is done.

Writing Your Essay on Women in Business

The next step is to begin writing your essay. After you study and collect your research material, you can start by creating an outline and then proceed to write your content.

1. Choose an industry.

In the research section below, you will find a few ways to find your subject for your essay about women in business. Before that, you should choose an industry that suits your essay theme. You can choose from general industries found in commerce websites like tech, finance, retail, etc.

2. Choose a niche and a subniche within that industry.

After choosing the main industry, you can break it down into niches and subniches. These are microsegments of the industry you chose such as mobile applications, banks, online shops, and more. Subniches include the main product and service a business provides.

3. Decide on an issue, an achievement, a breakthrough, or anything else that is new in the industry.

Since this is an essay, your topic must be focused on something relevant and important to the current generation of business owners and academics. You may choose a topic that is old, but you should add something new to it as well. Popular topics include anything that a business has done recently, especially by the person you are writing about.

4. Choose your subject.

Your subject does not have to be a business leader or owner; however, they should have a significant contribution to their company or business. While everyone is a huge part of a company, you are writing an essay that requires a profile on an individual. You can choose a female business person who has an innovative idea or someone who has greatly impacted their company in a public way.

5. Check their biography.

Once you have chosen your subject, you can read their biography and use some of the content as context for the body of your essay. The history of a person can define what they are currently doing, regardless if the past is related to their business or not. This is a great way to engage in storytelling when writing essays.

6. Study their personal achievements.

Personal achievements can include anything your subject has done since they were young up until today. A personal achievement does not have to be an award. It could be a business principle that helped make them successful or a milestone in business that they are proud of.

7. Write the relationship between your research and the subject of your essay.

Once you have all your materials and the internal knowledge to produce your essay from your heart, you can begin to mix the elements of your subjects history and the theme of your essay. The way to do this is to relate their experiences in business and life into the event or theme you are writing.

Researching Women on Business

1. Business News Reports

Just look up women in business, click on the news tab, and you will find yourself with thousands of resources on journalists updates on women in business. You should look at articles that are years old as well as updated articles to see how your subject has progressed in the world of business.

2. Interviews

Surprisingly, its quite easy to conduct a simple email interview as long as your subject works on her own correspondence. Some bigger names in business, say Oprah, probably cant be reached personally. For an in-depth essay, you may want to feature someone who can be featured in interviews on short notice.

3. LinkedIn New Businesses

The best place to look for women in business is LinkedIn. You can reach industry experts there or find new businesses that offer something new. Just take a look at the recently opened business that year and see if their leader is female.

If you need more help with sources, you can find someone to write my essay who has knowledge about the proper way to find references for an essay on women in business.

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5 Simple Steps to Write a Business Essay

As a student, in the course of your academic career, you'll need to write business essays. When you were in high school, you might have written something similar to this type of essay. A business essay requires that you write about a topic that is backed up with precise and researchable data.

No matter what course you may be studying in college before you graduate, you will be required to write on any topic of your choice or any topic assigned to you by your professor. If you've ever said to yourself or friends that I'd want someone to write my dissertation for me, this article will give you hints about doing that successfully. Just know that good knowledge of how best to write your essay is key to you passing your course. Follow these five steps to write better articles.

1) Read and Understand What the Question Requires or Let a Guru Write My Dissertation for Me

Before you commence writing your essay, endeavor to read the question thoroughly, and understand how best to write the article. You'll need to determine the task that expects from you and the kind of information you must provide to answer the question.

Let's take, for instance, your instructor asks you to write an essay on the "impacts of a company's corporate social responsibility on their product popularity." You will need to explain rather than list how the two variables interact. But, there's a better way to do this by merely enlisting the trusted services of a content agency to write my essay for me at nothing or little cost. And you're free to focus on the essential things of life.

2) Outline The Structure of Your Essay

Another critical step is to develop an outline of the structure of your essay. If you want to write a great article, you must know how to organize your thoughts coherently. And you must be willing to study various resources on essay writing to write your business essay. There are numerous sources of information on the web on business topics. You must search properly to access useful information to help you deliver a coherent and adequately organized essay.

Aim to create a brief and well-written outline that will include critical pointers you want to cover in your work. Don't forget you study your textbooks for more points in your essay. If you want to get a well-structured cheap business studies essay, and have limited time, you can save yourself the daunting pressure by seeking professional writing assistance. Click on the link, and we've got you covered. Be ready to get a great result without breaking a sweat.

3) Will an Expert Write My Dissertation for Me with A Catchy Topic?

Here's another essential part of writing a business essay that deserves an A+, or you've said to yourself I'd prefer someone to write my dissertation for me because you've got other important things to do. You must understand that you can't write an excellent business essay without backing it up with relevant facts and figures from reputable sources. Ensure you use approved online scholarly resources that available to you. You can check your college website to get this vital information. Additional reliable sources should be considered to give your essay the recognition and credibility it deserves.

Don't forget that the type of data you'll need also depends on your topic. If you give a problem that requires you to conduct surveys, get more information from your professor about this. At the same time, you might need to use secondary data, don't forget to credit the authors for their contribution to the success of your essay. Be sure to reference your article correctly.

4) Review and Edit Your Essay or Simply Write My Essay for A Token.

Revising your work allows you to cut out fluffs from your writing. You'll have to go through your essay to reorganize the main ideas and supporting ideas so that they organize in a way that makes it easier for your instructor to read your article. You can decide to go the smart route by getting a professional to write your business essay and still graduate with good grades.

And you can decide to organize your essay in chronological order. Or, you hold it from the strongest point to the weakest point.


Learning how to write an essay is necessary, even beyond the four walls of the college. These steps can help you write an excellent business essay if put to good use. Also, study other articles from the link above to get you prepared to write an essay when you require it.

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Can Translation Services Help Your Small Business Grow?

Creating your college research paper is already a daunting task. But it’s even harder to come up with a topic to write about.

Some time ago, if you wanted to conduct your shopping in a certain place, you had to take on your shoes and go there yourself. Now, however, regardless of where you are staying or what language you are speaking, you can shop pretty much anywhere you want - and this is all thanks to the wonderful powers of the internet. With technological advancements soaring up and new businesses popping up everywhere, there's no reason why you can't also reap the benefits for your business.

If you have a website, it will be much simpler for people to see exactly what you have to offer them. Plus, it's not only the people in your country that will be able to view your product; other people from various corners of the world will be able to do the same thing. This way, you'll be able to have a much bigger target market.

This brings us nicely into professional business translation services. You may have a nicely designed website in your own language - but if the viewer cannot understand the language, then all of this is pretty futile. Translation services may actually work in quite a number of ways for your business.

• You Can Have Communication Without Difficulties

The beauty of translation services is that they can help you communicate much easier with your clients. As mentioned, if your website is written in a foreign language that the potential customer cannot understand, they will see it as a turn-off and close the page immediately. That is the point where the communication stops completely.

A translation service, on the other hand, will allow you to close that gap and ensure that your clients are on the same wavelength as you are. The content that you provide should be easy to understand - and the more languages you translate your website in, the more you should be able to promote it to the right people in different areas.

• You Can Surpass Your Competitors and Grow Your Client Base

A translation service should be able to help you reach more clients as you are expanding your services. If you localize your content to different markets on different sides of the world, this will mean more custom - and ultimately more profit.

It's actually surprising to find out how many people will completely neglect a good translation. The more attention to detail you pay, the more you can attract the customers to your business. Keep in mind that not many of your customers will make use of a translation service, so this will be a point-up for you.

• You Give the Consumers What They Want

When "fishing" for clients, you will have to give them what they want - and what they want is to shop in a language that they prefer. Small businesses will have much more to benefit if they localize their business website, simply because they will make the domain much more comfortable to a variety of people. Once they see this, they will be much more inclined to trust your company and do business with you.

If you talk to your customers in their own language, you can reduce the amount of advertising that is needed to get your product on the market. The localized website will do all the advertising for you, allowing you to get global customers much faster.

• You Get Error-Free Translations

When you opt for professional translation services, you can get some peace of mind for a number of reasons - the biggest one being that there will be no room for errors. Qualified translators will have years of experience, and you'll be eliminating the chance of mistranslation and miscommunication.

It goes without saying that having incorrect interpretations and translations can be very bad for your business. If this happens on a regular basis, your customers will begin to lose their trust in you - which will ultimately lead to a very bad reputation.

An upset customer is likely to leave a bad review - which can also lead to a decline in your sales. For this reason, you might want to steer clear of trying to translate the content yourself, even if you feel as if you have a good hold on the language. You do not need "good" or "average," you need "professional" - and this is something that you'll likely only get if you hire a professional translation service.

Final Thoughts

CIf you have a small business, translation services can certainly help you grow. They will take the business worldwide, and more clients (other than the ones in your country) will be able to see the product that you are selling. This will lead to an increase in sales and profits, making you more successful in the long run.

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What to Write My Research Paper About?

Creating your college research paper is already a daunting task. But it’s even harder to come up with a topic to write about.

You have to be unique from everyone in your class. It should be easy to defend and research. And if you want to get good grades, it should be interesting enough for your professor. And all the while, you have to ensure it fits your lecturer’s prompt.

What Should I Write About?

The first thing to writing a research paper is to think of the topic. Since you have no idea what to write, you also don’t know how to start.

Should you start with a thesis statement? Or should you research about the topic first? Will it be a general search until you find something specific?

All these thoughts will run on your head. The more questions and doubts you have, the harder it is to come up with a topic. Plus, you’re basically racing against time since you have to know your topic sooner. You won’t be able to start researching or writing without one.

That said, what should you write about?

Write Something That Genuinely Interests You

Perhaps the best tip is to write about a topic that genuinely interests you. This way, researching won’t become such a task. It becomes a fun way of quenching your thirst to learn more. You’re looking forward to researching it.

It can be compared to when you found a new movie and wanted to learn more about it. The whole research thing starts to become fun as you begin to gain new facts. Learning more about this certain topic gives you happiness or satisfaction at the least.

Another reason why you should choose this is it’s easier to write. When you’ve written a review about a movie you liked, it seemed easier to get the words to flow. But if you’re reviewing a book you don't necessarily like, it’s hard to find what to say.

The same goes for your research topic.

Find Something You Can Defend

A research paper should be something you can defend. But how can you do that?

First off, you should have plenty of reliable sources. Choose a topic that has many resources. This way, it’s easy to find the right book, journal, or website to get the exact information from.

But you have to ensure that your resources are all reliable. You might also want to check with your prompt. Most of the time, professors will limit your use of websites as resources. That means you have to scour the internet for journals and books.

Check the library as well. Published books are great resources.

Choose Something You Have an Idea About

Choosing a topic that you already know makes it easier. First, you know the right keywords to look for. Then you’ll have an idea of the best thesis statement that can make your paper stronger. Most of all, you can write more easily when you’re familiar with the topic.

This is a good choice if you don’t have that much time. You don’t have to spend a whole week just trying to know the subject at heart. Since you’re already knowledgeable, you can jump right into research.

Additionally, knowing the terms, theories, and studies involved in this topic can help greatly. You’ll have to spend less on more research.

Make Sure It Hits Your Professor’s Expectations

Make sure that it’s a topic your professor will want to see. That’s why it’s essential to study your prompt closely.

Your professor will want to see a topic that is worthy of a research paper. They’ll likely look at the academic level of the topic, how profitable your research is, and its purpose.

Of course, it’s not entirely about the topic. Your professor will also look at how you made the research paper. But a good topic that will gratify them can increase your chances of getting good grades.

Something Relatable

A good topic is something relatable—something that’s going on now. For that, you may want to stay local and see what’s happening around you. You might even have experienced it before.

If not, there are always people you can talk to. You have an abundance of data around you that you can use.

Tips on Finding a Topic

If you’re still having trouble with finding a topic, we have a few tips for you.

Seek Advice

First off, work with your classmates or friends. Get to know their topics. Doing so, you’ll have an idea on what others are writing. Besides avoiding getting the same topic as theirs, you’ll likely have an idea on what to write.

You can also ask some of your friends for any suggestions. There might be someone in your network that is knowledgeable in the subject. You can ask them questions related to it. The answers can inspire something in you.

Additionally, talk to your professors. Know what they want to read especially. Get their opinion on a few things and you might find a relevant topic.

Read More

Continue reading books, magazines, reports, journals, textbooks, and even websites. Gain as much information you can about the general subject. The more you know, the more you can begin asking specific questions.

Be Specific

Remember that the topic should be specific. Don’t go for general subjects like global warming or mental health issues. You should be more specific and choose a topic like the negative impact of climate change in your area. Or perhaps the biggest factor of college kids’ depression in your university.

Buying Papers Online

If it’s tough for you to come up with your topic, you can buy research papers online. They even have the best essays and many other writing services.

Find a reliable place to write my research paper for me. Don’t just go with any random place and hiring them before doing your research.


Choosing the right topic can greatly help you make a good research paper. It’s best if it’s something you’re interested in. You should also find something that has good resources. With these tips, at least you’ll know how to start your paper.

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Get To Know: Organizing Sponsor MtoM Consulting

It is amazing what happens when you realize that other people believe in what you are doing. This knowledge alone can give new life to a project or goal. And this is exactly what happened when we sat down with Christine Wilson and Tracey Harrington McCoy of MtoM Consulting. From the moment we met with this duo, we realized that this was a perfect teaming. Christine and Tracey understood exactly why it makes sense to pair bloggers and business owners in a conference of this magnitude. They were “all in” from day one and have been extremely supportive every step of the way. We are grateful that they signed on to be organizing sponsors and speakers at #FemCon13.

Christine Wilson, Founder of MtoM Consulting, said,  ”We were thrilled to get involved with the Femworking Conference because we had discussed a need for something similar in the DC area and this was a perfect opportunity to bring small businesses and bloggers together to learn and network. We hope this will be an annual event in DC so that we can grow the relationships between small businesses and bloggers.”

Christine established MtoM Consulting in December 2011 when she realized that so many businesses in the DC area needed help connecting with their target audience – Moms.

“I decided to combine my two passions, marketing and motherhood, and created MtoM, a full service marketing and PR consultancy specializing in social media, digital media, and influencer marketing,” Christine said. ”Through our influencer marketing program we began to work with more and more bloggers in the DC area and around the country. We were thrilled to find so many amazing brand ambassadors that wanted to share great product and service information with their readers.”

During the Femworking Blogger and Small Business Conference, attendees will get the chance to hear Christine and Tracey speak about the importance of brands and bloggers working together. They will also share their advice for monetizing your site.

We have a feeling this is going to be a popular seminar and can’t wait to introduce Christine and Tracey to everyone.