Why We Created femworkingconference.com

We are living in a patriarchal society. A society that has made man the superior being, the head of the family, quite right, the breadwinner, the leader, the role model, the only option. So why not give some little faith to the woman and their place in society, why not make them a friend, a mentor, a leader, a source of support, an extra option. The femworkingconference.com website was created to empower the woman and the only way to that is as demonstrated in the discussions below:

1. We wanted women to change their lives and those of others

In history, the man has always been on the frontline from fighting for independence to leading the family. They have been the only person people have always looked up to for anything. The femworkingconference.com debunks such beliefs by making the woman a part of all this. The involvement of the woman is made possible by going, improving their education levels, getting a job and making the difference in other people.

2. We wanted women to live their dreams

Our existence is not valid if we do not have a purpose. Each human being is set for a given path and a given goal. Our hopes are different; if we shared them, we could have wanted someone else do them for us. Women have dreams too. They need to live those dreams. If they are going to take part in supporting the family, femworkingconference.com needs to empower them on the ways to navigate the market, ways to develop intellectually, ways to use their money to make their dreams come true.

3. We wanted women to connect with themselves

Life is dependent hugely on the people that we talk to and relate with; women deserve to know other people. femworkingconference.com needed to connect women. They get to discuss the challenges they face, the things they have done to get past life. We cannot do it ourselves, we need to learn from each other, and the forum is all that the women required for that purpose, creating a network was icing to the cake. How to dress? How to communicate? How to lead?

4. We needed women to lead

Nothing makes a woman a lesser being. Leadership can be innate, often learned. The femworkingconference.com was just the place the training was to take place. We needed to organize workshops, conferences, meetings; we needed the women to learn from other women in leadership. The motivation was necessary; this platform opened the doors for women to lead.

5. We needed the women to be aware of their health

As much as many women are enlightened, knowing their welfare, how to deal with female-related health conditions was important. The mandate of femworkingconference.com was to get women to the position of strength, a point where they could deal with health issues they face. The talk about fitness is all-important, for a woman that stays at home; they could quickly put on a lot of weight when they can manage it by learning how to get involved during the day and keeping fit.