Five Ways How the Small Businesses Can Achieve Gender Equality in the Workplace

Gender equality, a term loosely used refers to the state of equal access to opportunities and resources regardless of the sex. Women and other minority groups have always strived to break through the glass ceiling to get to a standard where their work, their advancement, and creativity, and their unrelenting determination is seen and, appreciated. Men, on the other hand, have rights, and their rights are equally important for the success of a business.

According to the “Getting to equal 2018” report, various practical ways can be used in organizations to establish gender equality, transparency and close the gender pay gaps among employees. Here are 5 ways that small businesses can achieve gender equality for a more fruitful, motivating and inspiring future for the company.

Represent equally

Businesses should have equal representation of gender. Men play a significant role in an organization but women, too cannot be underestimated. The language in the job adverts up to the interview process is the starting point. The employers should be open-minded enough to allow employees who know how to do their job based on their skills and capabilities and not by their gender. A fair hiring policy is about creating jobs that cater to the needs of every employee regardless of who they are.

Salary openness

It is essential for everyone working in an organization to freely express the salary that they receive. In this way, employees can know if they are underpaid or fairly paid. People consider it rude to discuss salary but if you do not speak about that, employers will keep the information behind closed doors, and the gender pay gap might be difficult to detect. Transparency has to be there so that a base salary cheats no one.

Harassment should be identified and stopped immediately

1 in 4 women are victims of sexual harassment in organizations. Women have to realize that sexual harassment is not about sex. It is about power and what somebody does to you, to try and take away your control. Women need to report instances or signs of sexual harassment to promote a healthy working environment. When a woman does not feel safe at her workplace, she cannot deliver to the best of her abilities.


A significant way of achieving gender equality is to ensure that the business offers flexibility that an employee cherishes. Women, most of the times end up settling for something less than their potential because of their many demands, e.g., family. Men also enjoy flexibility. Policies set in small businesses should allow people to work from their home or even within the organization, but there should be core business hours for working and then employees can have time to concentrate on their other work.

Ensure that mentors are available for everyone

Mentors are like a guiding light, and their guide and role in employees’ careers is invaluable. Mentors should be provided to both sexes to ensure that everyone is performing as per the set expectations of the organization with no bias. Employers should also be keen to correct and critique both genders when need be because feedback is a growth mechanism.

In conclusion, we all have an essential role to play in ensuring that organizations run in the right way. We have a part to ensure that people are free to speak their mind, people are selected because of the innate abilities and skills, and consideration is given to all people not because of who they are but because they deserve. Gender equality will be the future of the business world where gender will not be a measure of intelligence, but where skills, abilities, and creativity are. To read more about gender equality, check out this article on Next Generation.

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