Seven Examples of Successful Women, Who Build Strong Personal Brands as Professionals

Personal branding is an essential aspect in building one's image. It is shaped by many factors that need a lot of hard work to become a brand that can be identified within the society. Women have over the years become trailblazers by creating their brands. Such women could be entrepreneurial, women in leadership positions, authors, women in STEM et cetera. Here, you will learn that branding needs more effort, not just outward appearance but something bigger as described in this link.

The following are examples of women whose brands sell far and beyond, wich can definitelly help you with your personal branding essay

1. Mitchelle Obama

She is the immediate former First Lady of the United States who is professionally a lawyer and a writer. Besides, she is such a great motivational speaker whose speeches have been shared far and wide. Some of her projects that majored in helping mothers have also been key to shaping up her brand. She is known for championing for mothers that are employed to have a relatively balanced life that accommodates both their career and family life. Herein is a little more information about her.

2. Christine Lagarde

A lawyer by profession who is the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund is a trademark so rare to touch as her brand is one of the rare ones to find. When she was in India sometime this year, she addressed some female issues especially inclusivity of women in the financial sector to boost their economy. Because of her presence as her brand, I believe India will put whatever she said into consideration. She is also vocal on matters of rape and clearly stated that it is her position to face out rapists with the help of the Indian authorities to help reduce rape cases.

3. Sheryl Sandberg

She is the current Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, and she beat the odds by being the first female member of the board a few years after she was appointed as the COO. That title alone is a brand that speaks volumes. Nonetheless, it is not always about the title but what the title makes its bearer do. Sandberg, for instance, has been a great advocate for women and their rights, especially at the workplace. When she voiced such issues, she gained popularity, and her brand made her make even twice as much profit for her employer. Some critics have also said that Sheryl is a better communicator and that they think she can replace his boss Mark Zuckerberg as in the link herein.

4. Maya Angelou

The late Maya is known for some things, but that which stands out is her memoir and out of this world poetry. Most of her work had a touch of female advocacy and why women should stand up for and defend their rights.

5. Serena Williams

She is an American tennis player who was rated number one by the Women's Tennis Association. Lately, she has had a controversy that was geared towards sexist remarks that she felt was unfair. Because her brand is so visible, she had more supporters than stone throwers over the issue. That tells us why a personal brand is equally essential in problem-solving

6. Hillary Clinton

Like Mitchell Obama, she is also a former first lady only that she went a notch higher and contested for the top seat in the previous elections which she lost. It is important to note that she will go down in the books of history as the first ever female contestant for the presidency in the United States. Her partnership in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is of significant impact to the girl child in the society and that need to be applauded.

7. Christiane Amanpour

This British-Iranian journalist is one woman that most people who look into becoming journalists look up to. She is so good that she works for both the CNN and ABC as a correspondent and anchor respectively. She has bagged so many coveted awards that are equally competitive making her stand out compared to the other women in her profession.

The women mentioned above have all it takes to move masses courtesy of the brands they have built. It is vital to note that it is one thing to build a brand and the other to make sure that your brand image is not tainted. It is advisable therefore to have in mind that once you are a notable brand, less drama equals more success.

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